Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Comedy We Can Believe In

Comedy Central's The Daily Show aired live last night to cover the inauguration and it's aftermath. Stewart and Co. had me rolling the entire show. Catch the full show below or stay tuned for the highlights.

Full Episode: The Daily Show, January 20, 2009: Changefest '09

Selected Highlights:

Jon Stewart & Jason Jones discussed Obama's Speech and made the point that I was trying to make yesterday, it's not about the speech so much as it is about the speaker and the delivery. Obama's words often echo Bush's but the way he presents himself, his past actions, and his calm demeanor are what make him seem the antithesis to George W. Bush:

Samantha Bee was up next with her report from the Ball's but pay close attention for the Aretha Franklin clip. Plus, she said "doody":

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