Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Brief Hiatus

Memphis Tigers Basketball

Been a bit since I posted. Work, as well as outside activities like NCAA basketball and the return of MLB baseball have kept me from posting in a while. I'm working up a couple of good posts about several of my favorite things, but in the meantime, here's some great stuff I've found on the Series of Tubes lately.

Ray LaMontagne was amazing on SNL this past Saturday. His opening number was a rousing R&B number I hadn't heard previously but enjoyed immensely. He followed with a wonderful performance of "Trouble" that was pitch perfect. What a great performance!

Going out on a high note, Conan O'Brien had an amazing last 2-3 weeks. His final show nearly left me in tears, but I was relieved the following day to find that Andy Richter was rejoining the show. Success! Here's two of his best sketches ever, plus a posting of the final segment, in case you missed it.

I should add here that I've lately found to be super awesome, there's lots of clips and it's very easy to view/post. However, the fact that the content rotates in and out (Conan's final episode is no longer available, 2 weeks out) bothers me a bit. If a place like YouTube can keep everything basically forever, why does Hulu have to delete things so quickly? I'd love a resource where I can find old Conan episodes. I'd probably watch nothing else, if that were the case. Why can't it be so?

Lastly, this has made the rounds everywhere the past few weeks, but I feel it's my duty to post it as well.

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